CP Advisors is an industry leader in solar energy consulting, servicing photovoltaics, concentrating solar power, and solar thermal technologies.  Investors, utilities, developers, and manufacturers rely on our expertise in their complex business decisions. Our services range from educating investors and developers as they enter the market to providing large scale utilities support in the areas of transmission, grid parity, and acquisitions.

The Benefits of Solar Energy

Minimal Technology Risk:
  • Underlying PV technology developed over 30 years ago
  • 25 year manufacture’s guarantee of panel performance
  • 10 year Engineer’s guarantee of installation and balance of systems
  • 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee of inverter performance
Minimal Operational Risk:
  • No Moving parts
  • Long term operations and maintenance contracts with industry leading sub-contractors
  • On-line real-time monitoring of each site allows for efficient and immediate asset management
Solar Radiation Resource Well understood and Free:
  • Solar insolation has been tracked in the US for over 50 years
  • Sunlight has no feed stock cost
  • Available in nearly all locations
Solar Project Sizes are Scalable Down:
  • Solar energy can be efficiently sized to meet individual loads and end user energy demands
  • Allows for sale of energy directly to the end user, rather than sale to the utility
  • Allows for sale of electricity at the retail rate rather than the wholesale rate