Understanding the risks and mitigation measures associated with the wind industry is vital for lenders and investors in wind projects. CP Advisors has unrivaled experience and expertise in providing independent assessments for lenders and investors in renewable energy projects.

CP Advisors has completed countless transactions for wind farm investors. Our detailed technical understanding provides a solid basis for informing clients on intelligent decisions, regardless of the scale of the project or investment or the lifecycle stage.

Our clients call on these services for a variety of reasons. Some require an overview of the turbine market to help them decide which turbine models to include in their wind farm development plans; others want to purchase turbines for a specific project. There are also clients that are planning the acquisition or financing of a wind farm project, or thinking of taking over a turbine manufacturer. Whatever our client’s needs are, and this list is not definitive, the main aim of the turbine consulting work is to provide an overview of the technical risks associated with the technology and/or the business transaction in question as well as an understanding of the possible mitigation measures.